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 Re-Elect Mike McDowell

Commissioner on the Zion City Council

Zion…A place we all want to live.

Mike’s Platform

  • Reduce Property Taxes    
  • Strong Public Safety
  • Plan 4 Zion
  • Community of Character


Contact Info:
Email: mikeccc@me.com
Phone: (847) 217-2143


About Mike

Zion is my hometown and I graduated from ZBTHS in 1978 then went on to complete both undergraduate and graduate degrees including an MA and PhD in religion and society. I have been married to Donna for 38 years and we have three children. Our kids are all married, and we currently have four grand kids.

Our family lived and worked as missionaries in Asia for 14 years and we came back to the beautiful City of Zion in 2000. I am currently one of the pastors at Christ Community Church in Zion. I am a committed Christian and seek to apply godly principles and values in every aspect of my life.

I have also served as a Public Safety Officer on a college campus while studying in Chicago and I have been a Warden (information and emergency preparedness) for the US Embassy in Manila.

In terms of local civic involvement, I have served on the boards of the Coalition for Healthy Communities and Community Resources for Education and Wellness.

I also served for 10 years as a Commissioner for the Zion Park District and was the President of the Board.

I currently serve on the boards of the Family Resource Center of Zion and the Zion Historical Society. I am also the current President of the Zion-Benton Ministerial Association and proudly serve our men and women in uniform as Chaplain for the Zion Police Department.

I am running for City Council again because I love this city. It is my home and I care about it and the people who live here. I have heard too often from long time, established residents and business owners things like, “if I could leave, I would” or “the taxes here are too high” or “Zion is not safe”. I’d like to work with you and for you in making Zion a place where we all want to live.

Since being elected to the City Council in 2015 I have acted on some of the issues we face in our City. One thing I have learned about being part of the City Council is that it takes all of us working together to accomplish anything. By all of us, I don’t just mean the members of the Council. It takes our dedicated city employees and our citizens to make Zion a place we all want to live. So, I may be listing somethings I had a hand in, but to be honest nothing happens unless all of us are involved


Here is a summary of what I think are the most significant accomplishments over the last few years in our City:

  • Formation of a Joint Taxing Body Committee
  • Formation of Citizens for a Better Zion Commission (CUBZ)
  • Formation of Animal Control Commission
  • Creation of a 20-year Economic and Community Development Plan (Plan4Zion)
  • Economic development agreement with Zion, Winthrop Harbor and Beach Park
  • Rental Inspection Program
  • Federal legislation to appropriate funds to compensate Zion for stranded nuclear waste
  • Zion Clean-Up Days including Zion Kennel
  • Zion Fire and Rescue consolidation with Beach Park proposal
  • Community of Character Walk with Zion Police Department and Zion Park District
  • Multi-agency warrant arrests and targeted enforcement that has removed 120 illegally possessed firearms off the streets in the last three years
  • 480 arrests for violent and non-violent crimes and 383 drug arrests made in the last three years
  • ELF Network and ELF Dinner

Some Trivia

The ZBTHS had a three-year run of championship football teams from 1975-1977. I played on the 1976 and 1977 teams. In 2017 at homecoming the high school decided to honor all the championship football teams all the way back to the 1950s along with former player and our coach Leroy Cliff. It was so much fun connecting with my old teammates. Interestingly, I found an old picture from homecoming 1976 with me and Robert Strickland (#65 in the back) and we were standing together again at this event. Did you know that Al Rogers and I were on the same team?